Keys To A Better Healing Process For Your Aches, Pains, And Injuries

When the healing journey is going to be a long one, how you handle it will influence whether the journey is easier, better, more effective…or not. In this post, I’ll share my own story of how I handled healing after a serious ground fall while bouldering.¬†Whether you’re healing an injury, ridding yourself of aches and[..]


The Secret Side Effects Of Caring For Your Body

Sitting on a bench outside the coffee shop, Coach Dan and I had¬†just wrapped up a successful Unbreakable Body workshop weekend, and the conversation turned to what we get out of our own fitness practice – the learning, the workshops, the coaching, that we pursue for our own practice – beyond the “usual” results of[..]


Four Myths About Mobility Training – Part Two

is this the path to usable mobility?

In Part One of this post, I shared the first two mobility myths with you. They covered foam rolling and self massage tools, as well as stretching. If you missed those, you might want to click back to Part One and read that first. In today’s Part Two of this break down of common myths[..]



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