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My Stubborn Story Of Serious Injury | Video

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I have injured myself to the point of needing a wheelchair to get around. I also dealt with chronic sub-optimal health for much of my earlier life. Sick. Broken. Blah. Inevitably, these stories come up in my time spent with my clients. Most of my in-person folks stick around for years as clients so we[..]


MED: The Goldilocks Of Training Dosage

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I straight-up don’t tolerate aches & pains that might be preventable. If there is even a smidge of ‘this might not have to be the way it is’, I’m in for exploring how to make that a reality. That might be a flaw in my character…perhaps just a bit of perfectionism that still resides in[..]


The PPP Method: The Foundation Of Durable Athletes

When I first began working with adventure and endurance athletes, a fairly sizable area of opportunity for these athletes struck me right off the bat, as I’d look over the training plans they’d been doing before meeting with me for the first time. For virtually all of the people coming to me for help, after[..]


How To Recover From Defeat


I was gutted. The outcome he’d been aiming for didn’t happen. Not good. As a person of normally many words, I had none this day to share with this friend of mine as he faced defeat. It took a little time, but he found the words himself. “I like to believe that I meet triumph[..]



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Eliminate Injuries And Accelerate Your Triathlon Performance

Over 12 years of training Triathletes, Mountain Climbers and Olympic Athletes, I've learned a few things that will help you bust your PRs and eliminate crippling injuries.

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