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Grow Yourself A Shoe | All About The Foot’s Fatty Padding

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If you’ve spent any amount of time here at Fit For Real Life, you know that having strong, pain-free feet is an outcome I champion. I met Jessi Stensland in 2011, just a few years out of her professional triathlon and off-road racing careers, and we’ve forged a friendship through a mutual love of natural[..]


You Can’t Have All Of The Fitness All Of The Time


In an ever-social world where everyone is posting everything from new workout PRs to new workout clothes, it’s easy to get distracted from your own fitness journey. All those results others are getting look so dang good, you find yourself wanting all of them. But distraction is the devil when it comes to reaching, and[..]


How To Take Care Of Foot Pain And Improve Foot Function


The plantar fascia gets blamed for all of the pain on the bottom of the foot – when in reality – there are other reasons why your feet might hurt.   I’ve shared with you how pain on the bottom of your foot can be coming from a number of causes that aren’t plantar fasciitis.[..]


Podcast: Simply Human Radio – Open Heart Disaster

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On this episode of Simply Human Radio, we discuss achieving an evolved quality of life, using fitness to make your real life better, seeking out novelty, tapping the boundaries, changing your perspective, and other tools that will help you evolve your Self and your life. Excited? Listen HERE


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