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Neural Control: One Key To Moving Well And Staying Injury Free


“I can’t go any farther.” I’d been demonstrating a movement during a breakout session at the seminar. My buddy, Dr. Dave Tilley, was running the event and had asked me to show an upper body drill. That’s when I hit the sticky spot where I couldn’t make my arms slide any farther up the wall. It[..]


Going Beyond The Physical Results of Becoming Fit


You’re the entrepreneur of your body. An entrepreneur develops a business plan, acquires the required resources, and is fully responsible for its success or failure. That’s you, regarding your body. You decide what you want your body to do. Do a triathlon. Live pain-free. Become a swimmer. Do a handstand. You figure out what you[..]


Dissolving Pain: A Book Report


I recently finished reading the book, Dissolving Pain, by Les Phemi PhD, and Jim Robbin. I don’t have chronic physical pain, but I loved this book and how it helped a variety of areas of my life. So I’m sharing my book report with you recapping the key concepts of the book and my takeaways[..]


Podcast: Lift Like A Girl – From the Inside Out

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Taking risks, facing fear, and trying new things is an important part of life. After all, Lifting Like a Girl starts from the inside out. Be sure to listen to this incredible episode with the wonderful Kate Galliett of Fit for Real Life. Listen HERE Have You Seen My Most Popular Webinar, Yet? UBW001: The[..]



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