Tight Calves: Why, How, & What To Do With Them


The left photo of a client’s attempt at active dorsiflexion (meaning, as far as she can pull her foot back toward her head without using external support to get it to go farther). In the right photo is my foot demonstrating my current active dorsiflexion. I placed the dotted line from the center of the[..]


How To Improve at Endurance Athletics

client text

She had put triathlon training on hold. <This IS a post about improving at endurance athletics, I promise. Stick with me.> Her focus was on being ‘pain-free’ and having a ‘fit & healthy body composition’. While working on those goals, Kristi went on vacation & jumped in for a fun triathlon her family has done[..]


#Instabattle How-To: Sissy Squats


Back at it with the how-to vids for #instabattle2014! I’ve got 3 simple drills for you in this quick vid on how and why to make sissy squats your thang. I have no idea why these are called sissy squats. They look like they’re from the Matrix and most likely people will assume Neo is[..]


Get Your Physical House In Order

coaching with kate

Spring fever is here. Endurance season is picking up. Weekend warriors are starting to claim their place on the battlefield. Now is the time to get your house in order (if you haven’t already been working on it this winter) to ensure your spring/summer of sports, fun, general running-around-like-a-kid, goes as planned.      [..]



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