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How To Help Your Shoulders Feel Better


When your shoulders ache, pinch, or are injured, it’s hard to lead a normal life. Finding a solution to your shoulder pain can be frustrating, however, you don’t have to feel stuck with shoulder pain forever. There are a few simple steps you can take to put your shoulders on a better path – a[..]


Mobility Work: How To Make It More Effective

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When you want to achieve your goal of getting better mobility, you don’t want to waste time. And, you want to see results that stick. You don’t want to feel like you’re always starting at square one each time you perform your “mobility work”. Your mobility should improve over time, not revert back to your[..]


Lessons From 2015

It was February. We were bouncing through the pompa of Argentinian Patagonia, our 4×4 spewing dirt and mud as we made our way south to the end of the Americas. As we blasted down the most off-road road I’d ever seen, I gripped tighter to the handle overhead – you may know it as the[..]


How To Get The Most Out Of Bodyweight Training


I’m such a fan of bodyweight training, so I was super stoked to see what strength coach, Bert Massey, was cooking up for his new article here on the site. In his new guest post, he’s sharing tips and tricks to help make your bodyweight training more effective, and help you get over any humps[..]



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