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Improve Your Posture By Fixing Forward Head Position

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Good posture. Everyone wants it, and yet, modern lifestyle practically ensures you will never achieve it. Unless you know how to avoid the ‘problem positions’ and put in place the solutions required for building good posture into your body. Forward head posture is one common problem that keeps you from achieving ‘good posture Click To[..]


One Key To Better Push-ups, Handstands, And Crow Pose


Upper body strength opens the door to so much movement capacity. When your upper body is strong, here are a few things you can do: Do push-ups to get stronger and feel like a badass Do hand-balancing poses in yoga and feel empowered Do handstands and other gymnastics movements and feel like a kid again[..]


Neural Control: One Key To Moving Well And Staying Injury Free


“I can’t go any farther.” I’d been demonstrating a movement during a breakout session at the seminar. My buddy, Dr. Dave Tilley, was running the event and had asked me to show an upper body drill. That’s when I hit the sticky spot where I couldn’t make my arms slide any farther up the wall. It[..]



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