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Feeding Yourself Better With Steph of Stupid Easy Paleo

stupid easy paleo

Naturally, former science teacher (& former xterra endurance racer turned Olympic weight lifter!) Steph Gaudreau would recommend that you turn yourself into a science experiment as you embark on your journey towards better health. The teacher turned whole food advocate/recipe creator is very clear about the fact that she has no idea what is the[..]


What To Do When You’ve Got Pain In Your Lower Leg, Foot, Or Toes


Plantar fasciiitis, heel pain, achilles pain, the always fun “top of the foot” pain, side of the shin pain… much pain around the lower leg and foot! Chances are, if you’re feeling fudged up around your lower leg and foot, you could use some ankle mobility re-patterning. By the way, I just recently learned that[..]


Gambling On The Sunset

main beach sunset

Sunsets with Tommy were my favorite days of summer. Closing up the beach, picking up trash, watching over the last few kiddos desperate to hang on to their beach time for just a little longer. While mid-day lifeguard shifts featured up to 12 guards & 2 managers working the beach, closing shift was made up[..]


This Is How You Train For “Stability”

kettlebell squat

Saturday morning. Wrapped up my prep on this post for publication the following week. Saturday afternoon, a picture crossed one of my social media feeds & made me realize my entire angle on this post was wrong. Originally, I felt like I was beating a dead horse with this post. I had written it 2[..]



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