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Reaching: A Key To Healthy Shoulders

Want to know what a coach spends their time doing to help you, as their client, move better? This week, I’ve asked top-notch coach, Lucy Hendricks, to give us a peek into her brain as she digs in to coaching some of the most common movement and posture problems she’s seeing today. You’re going to[..]


The Art Of Habit-Forming


I don’t think habits are meant to be permanent. For how much work humans put into forming “good habits” though, it sure seems like they intend the habits to be permanent. The science of forming habits is a massive field of research and study, and has been the backbone of countless diet, productivity, workout, sleep,[..]


How And Why You Need To Stand Better


Sitting is getting all the attention these days. Sitting will kill you, it will ruin your hip flexors, and it will destroy your metabolism – in case it didn’t kill you already. You hear this information and want to do something about it. So you start standing up more. Problem solved, right? Guess again. There[..]


Movement And Stress: What’s The Connection?

Featured Image Stress post

I first met Dr. Seth Oberst when he wrote me an email introducing himself and referencing a mutual friend of ours, who has also written an article for Fit For Real Life, Dr. Dave Tilley! (He somehow thought mentioning Dave would score him brownie points with me). I had checked out Seth’s articles and was blown[..]



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