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How To Recover From Defeat


I was gutted. The outcome he’d been aiming for didn’t happen. Not good. As a person of normally many words, I had none this day to share with this friend of mine as he faced defeat. It took a little time, but he found the words himself. “I like to believe that I meet triumph[..]


Move Better With These Four Mobility Drills

rolling out

In 12 years of doing any gig, you amass an arsenal of ‘items you can use to do the job at-hand better.’ I’ve spent 12 years now working with clients as a fitness pro – and I’ve definitely gathered up a toolbox full of ‘items my clients can use to do the mobility, strengthen, move-better-overall’.[..]


Feeding Yourself Better With Steph of Stupid Easy Paleo

stupid easy paleo

Naturally, former science teacher (& former xterra endurance racer turned Olympic weight lifter!) Steph Gaudreau would recommend that you turn yourself into a science experiment as you embark on your journey towards better health. The teacher turned whole food advocate/recipe creator is very clear about the fact that she has no idea what is the[..]



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Eliminate Injuries And Accelerate Your Triathlon Performance

Over 12 years of training Triathletes, Mountain Climbers and Olympic Athletes, I've learned a few things that will help you bust your PRs and eliminate crippling injuries.

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