Cheryl Atkins

Fit For Real Life - Testimonial - Cheryl

My journey to complete an Ironman led me to Kate. At my first session I knew she would help me get to both the start and finish line of Ironman strong and in top fitness. Kate didn’t waste time, she gave me focused workouts that addressed areas of weakness and tailored my program to meet my goal.

A year prior I had a beautiful baby boy, via emergency C-section. Because of the circumstances, the incision required was much larger than a normal C-section. Rebuilding my core was going to be a tough feat, but I was well armed with Kate’s expertise and guidance.

Kate’s attention to detail is so amazing and so spot-on. I learned so much about how to optimize my new level of strength and keep my muscles working at peak performance through stabilization, strength and stretching. I gained strength I never thought possible (not to mention killer abs, legs and arms!!!). Each week Kate pushed me beyond what I thought I could do… and each week I noticed improvements with each swim, bike and run.

It is because of the solid core, strength, and my new found level of confidence I got while training with Kate that I was able to complete my journey of becoming an Ironman. I am such a firm believer in Kate and ProKine that I sent my Mom who is embarking on the Ironman journey to work with them as well. Hands down, I would recommend ProKine to anyone wanting to succeed in their fitness goals.