To "Stretch" Or Not: All Your Questions Answered

Clearing up the confusion about 'mobility work', and exploring what actually works for improving your body's ability to move, stretch, and bend.

Are you certain that your body 'just isn't flexible'?

Are you still foam rolling your IT Band?

Do you get frustrated by just how much info is out there about 'mobility work'? 

If you said yes to any of the above questions, you're going to enjoy getting real solutions in this hour-long presentation.

By watching this webinar, you'll:

  • Clear up the facts - and myths - of the "mobility" world (see where 'mobility' came from, and where it's headed)
  • Save time as you stop doing mobility drills that aren't actually netting the benefit you thought they were
  • Uncover the mobility-improving drills that actually work - to make immediate, and long-term, gaims in your mobility
  • Understand what other part of your body is a big factor in helping you improve your mobility

Here's What's Included With To "Stretch" Or Not: All Your Questions Answered

To "Stretch" Or Not: All Your Questions Answered is made up of two parts.

First, you have the full and complete, High Quality video presentation. This includes Q&A that was recorded live with members of The Unbreakable Body, and having this ensures you have all the information you need to apply the action items I teach.

(Access to this workshop, and others) is included as part of their $300 premium membership to The Unbreakable Body)

Secondly, you have the complete transcript of the presentation that you can read along with, print out to make notes, and review at a later date - at no extra cost.

Buyers of Fit For Real Life webinars appreciate this inclusion, as it allows them to get an in-depth connection with the steps in the presentation.

You'll be able to access both these parts immediately after your purchase is confirmed.

How To Get Access To To "Stretch" Or Not: All Your Questions Answered

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Reclaim your body's ability to move today!

To "Stretch" Or Not: All Your Questions Answered is available for a one-time purchase of only $15. 

Your purchase includes:

  • Immediate access to the complete presentation on To "Stretch" Or Not: All Your Questions Answered , to watch at your leisure from the comfort of your own computer
  • The Complete Transcript - a word for word transcription of To "Stretch" Or Not: All Your Questions Answered - so that you can read along as needed

  • q-iconHow Will I Get Access To This Webinar?

    After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the Webinar and Raw Transcript.

  • q-iconWhat Software Do I Need To Access This Webinar?

    To watch this webinar, you will need an internet connection to stream the video.