Shoulder Flexion End Range Lift Off

  • Prepare for this drill by setting your arms on an object in front of you. You can be standing or on your knees.


  • Arms can be set as close to ears as you wish, and the drill does change as you go from a “Y” position with your arms to a “I” position. **Do not perform this drill if you feel pain in your shoulder joint when you setup for, or go through this movement. Seek further guidance from a trained professional if you have pain.**


  • Keep your elbows are straight.


  • Brace your body with tension and, without moving any other part of your body, lift your arms off the object they are resting on.


  • Lower them back down to the object they started on.


  • The drill will increase in difficulty the lower your body is positioned below than the object. As you see here, my chest is in line with the object. If I would make the object higher, the drill would get harder.


  • Keep your spine ‘straight’ during this drill. Your chest should not be caving in to the floor.


  • You can perform one set of this once per day as part of a daily routine, or use it as a multiple set drill during your workout. One set can start at 5 reps and build to 10.