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The Unbreakable Body Coaching Program


Discover the body you want to live in. 

Use The Unbreakable Body to unlock your natural potential for pain-freepowerfuland fluid movement in your life and at the gym.

If aches and pains are infiltrating your life, if you want to be strong for the activities you love, if you want to know how to take care of your body…

Then join me and learn how to #BeUnbreakable

Fend Off Aches, Pains, & Traditional Aging: My Four Part Blueprint Online Workshop

If you’ve been told it’s normal to feel crummy as you get older, you’ve been lied to.

And if anyone has told you that you should expect less from your body now that you’re older, this workshop is for you.

In this workshop, I’m giving you my four part blueprint to help yourself: 

  • age gracefully, powerfully, and better than what most people think is possible
  • resist future aches and pains more successfully
  • address the aches you’re feeling now
  • build a future of feeling good and moving well for yourself

To get your workshop, click here to be taken to the purchase page.

Kiss Neck And Shoulder Tension Goodbye
Online Workshop

goodbye tension

If you struggle with neck and shoulder tension like how I used to, start the healing process with this in-depth workshop. You’ll learn the exact drills, lifestyle enhancements, and critical knowledge you need to understand your pain and how to begin alleviating it.

You’ll learn four lifestyle enhancements to better support your neck and shoulders throughout your day.

You’ll learn seven drills to start returning the tissues and joints to healthy function.

And you’ll learn much more to support your neck and shoulders through the materials in the workshop and follow-up education.

To get your workshop, click HERE.

Moving With More Freedom:
Online Workshop

There are three types of people this workshop is for:
– those who feel like every time they try to ramp up the intensity in their workouts or activities, injuries and setbacks crop up
– those who feel like they can’t leave the world of “going hard all the time” because they’ll lose all their progress if they let off the gas even for a moment
– those who want to create a better relationship with their body – becoming teammates instead of adversaries

Feeling great, moving well, and tapping into your true potential is about more than just exercise selection and rep schemes… It’s also about learning to regulate your intensity, your tension, and your Self .

To learn more and get your workshop, click HERE.

Fit For Real Life / Unbreakable Body Apparel

T-shirts for real life. Not only will you feel utterly cozy in these tees, your shirt will remind you and everyone else that this is real life and you should get fit for it.

Get your shirts here.

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