This Will Take About 60 Seconds...

Kate Galliett
Fit For Real Life


I’m SO close to finishing a big project that’s been 5 years in the making...ever since I started working with Jen Harrison & the endurance community.

Using my ‘pillar-strength’ model of strength & mobility training, I got to help my local folks build the unbreakable bodies they needed to succeed at endurance athletics. And succeed they did!

Here’s what happened…

With improved mobility, kinetic-chain function, they became incredibly durable & resilient to the rigors of 500 hours of cardiovascular work. With solid strength work, they got results without causing the kind of soreness that would make you falter on key cardiovascular workouts later in the week.

Over the course of the last 5 years, my athletes & I have found a way to get much-needed strength & mobility work into an already time- and energy- crunched week... no matter your demands.

And now it’s your turn.

This web based program is a combination of the work I’ve done with Jen and other clients like her over the last 12 years. It works for every part of your season — from ‘off-season’ to ‘race week’, and ‘post-race, now what’ too.

It will include instructive videos and the exact fully-personalized programming you need to mobilize your body appropriately to make the '-itis injuries' so common in endurance athletics a thing of the past.

Plus, it will include all of the exact movements I use with my in-person clients that improve how your kinetic chain fires — so that all of the effort you’re putting out to perform is translating into faster splits, better watts on the bike, and less perceived-effort in the water - and of course, improving your actual performance results.

And finally, you'll also find it includes kinetic-chain mobility worksheets to dial straight into where you’re moving well and where you’re not, and a comprehensive (but easy to do) self-assessment process that shows you exactly where you need to focus your efforts.

By going through the program, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do so that you can solidify your movements and improve your durability….

It’s time to eliminate those aches, pains, & -itis type injuries that have become commonplace in endurance athletics today.

HOWEVER, I need your help before I can release this.

Before I finalize everything and get this off to my web and video guys, I want to make sure I have everything covered. And that’s where you come in.

Please take 60 seconds and answer these super short questions, so that I can help you destroy your race times without destroying your body, and help you make strength & mobility work a valuable use of your training time.


Can you tell me...