Because “Just Relax” Isn’t Helpful…

Take this free gift and start to RENEW and RESET yourself. You’ll down regulate your sympathetic nervous system, become aware of hypertonicity in your body, and teach your spine more about how you’d like it to move.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]In your free gift, you’ll be receiving from me:
a video tutorial on two super clutch drills for helping you experience what Steph and I talked about in our interview; Part One to connect you to your system, your breathing, and your muscle tension, and Part Two to help you reset your soft tissues and your joints, teaching them more about how you’d like them to function and move
a Fit For Real Life Worksheet that teaches you more about hypertonicity, NEAT, and why teaching your spine how to articulate itself better is so beneficial to you

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