Moving With More Freedom Workshop & Manual

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Being an excellent caretaker of your body isn’t just about exercise selection, it’s also about regulating your intensity and your tension so that you can access greater freedom. Freedom to move well, freedom to feel great, freedom to tap into your true potential.

In the Move With More Freedom: Learning To Regulate Your Intensity & Tension online workshop and accompanying #RegulateYourself Manual you will learn:

  • The knowledge you need to know to understand why the amount of intensity and tension you use influences the way you move
  • What causes you to carry more or less tension in your body, and how to start addressing those causes to access more movement freedom for yourself
  • The four vital results you get from learning to regulate your intensity and tension, and how to start bringing them into your life
  • Plus several exercises to learn more about where & how you’re using intensity and tension in your own body & life, and how to start influencing the amount of tension and intensity you have access to

You’ll be able to take what you learn right into your daily life, your morning or evening routines, and your workouts.

This workshop includes a 70 minute online workshop and a manual.


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