Podcast Simply Human Glutes Episode #81

We devoted 30 minutes to glute love in this episode of Simply Human Radio! I shared numerous tips on how to take exercises you likely already know, and dial them in for better glute engagement. I also created a special glute-training video just for the Simply Human audience…you can find it in the show notes[..]


Podcast Simply Human #78 Paleo f(x)

Mark, from Simply Human, interviewed myself and Charles Mayfield, from Paleo Comfort Foods, on the Paleo f(x) expo floor! We discussed what we’d learned at the presentations this year, what direction we think paleo is going in, and where it’s spreading out to influence (‘shamanism’ and ‘human touch’ were two of the areas). Listen to[..]


Podcast Simply Human #72 – Shoulder Discussion

We dive deep into the shoulders on this episode! How shoulders function, why they go dysfunctional sometimes, and what to do to take care of your shoulders so they stay strong and healthy for the long haul. Listen to it Here  

Podcast TriSwimCoach #89

On this show, you’ll learn how you train for any sport (triathlon or otherwise) and avoid becoming broken in the process. Kevin and I discuss how you can train your back muscles and feet to support your swim, bike, or run workouts if you’re a triathlete, and we discuss the mental side of becoming more[..]


Podcast The Paleo Solution Podcast with Robb Wolf

On this show, Robb and I dive into how I used my in-person coaching to develop The Unbreakable Body program. We explore how various parts of the body are connected, and what it takes for you to build yourself a durable body.  If you want to make sure you become unbreakable, you’ll want to listen[..]