Strong Posture

Do I Have To Keep Doing The Drills If I Feel Better?

goodbye tension

When it comes to rehabbing your body from an ache, pain, or injury, what do you do after the area in question starts feeling better? Should you stop doing the drills that got you to this healing place? Or do you have to do them forever? You want to make sure you handle your body[..]


The Six Pillars Of An Unbreakable Body: Strong Posture

What is ‘good posture’? Does it exist? What muscles do you use to hold strong, tall, stacked posture? If you want to have good posture, you’re likely aware of things like posture with your computer, or while driving… How does your shoulder’s range of motion influence your posture?  How does the mobility of your spine[..]


How To Improve Your Body Alignment

When you have better body alignment everything just works better. But what is ideal body alignment? How do you go about achieving it? What part of achieving body alignment should you be able to do on your own, and where does a professional – like a coach, chiropractor, or massage therapist – fit into your[..]


How And Why You Need To Stand Better

Sitting is getting all the attention these days. Sitting will kill you, it will ruin your hip flexors, and it will destroy your metabolism – in case it didn’t kill you already. You hear this information and want to do something about it. So you start standing up more. Problem solved, right? Guess again. There[..]


Improve Your Posture By Fixing Forward Head Position

Good posture. Everyone wants it, and yet, modern lifestyle practically ensures you will never achieve it. Unless you know how to avoid the ‘problem positions’ and put in place the solutions required for building good posture into your body. Forward head posture is one common problem that keeps you from achieving ‘good posture Click To[..]



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