Six Pillars

Podcast Simply Human Glutes Episode #81

We devoted 30 minutes to glute love in this episode of Simply Human Radio! I shared numerous tips on how to take exercises you likely already know, and dial them in for better glute engagement. I also created a special glute-training video just for the Simply Human audience…you can find it in the show notes[..]


The Six Pillars Are Your Foundation

Your body has the potential to handle lots of varied use, movement, and loading – and handle it well. So why is it so common for aches & pains to be considered ‘just a part of life’? Movements like ‘bending over to spit after brushing your teeth’ can throw your back out, and ‘sitting at[..]


Tight Calves: Why, How, & What To Do With Them


When you don’t have enough mobility in your ankles to walk, run, go up or down stairs, do activities, or play sports – you might start experiencing aches or pains in your calves. Tight calves, and foot and ankle issues can range from feeling uncomfortable to being downright painful. This article will help you understand[..]