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How To Take Care Of Foot Pain And Improve Foot Function


The plantar fascia gets blamed for all of the pain on the bottom of the foot – when in reality – there are other reasons why your feet might hurt.   I’ve shared with you how pain on the bottom of your foot can be coming from a number of causes that aren’t plantar fasciitis.[..]


Improve Your Posture By Fixing Forward Head Position

Good posture. Everyone wants it, and yet, modern lifestyle practically ensures you will never achieve it. Unless you know how to avoid the ‘problem positions’ and put in place the solutions required for building good posture into your body. Forward head posture is one common problem that keeps you from achieving ‘good posture Click To[..]


One Key To Better Push-ups, Handstands, And Crow Pose

Upper body strength opens the door to so much movement capacity. When your upper body is strong, here are a few things you can do: Do push-ups to get stronger and feel like a badass Do hand-balancing poses in yoga and feel empowered Do handstands and other gymnastics movements and feel like a kid again[..]


Dissolving Pain: A Book Report

I recently finished reading the book, Dissolving Pain, by Les Phemi PhD, and Jim Robbin. I don’t have chronic physical pain, but I loved this book and how it helped a variety of areas of my life. So I’m sharing my book report with you recapping the key concepts of the book and my takeaways[..]



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