Six Pillars

Train Your Torso With These Two Drills

You don’t live in a vacuum. And neither does your ‘core’, your ‘abs’, or whatever the word du jour is for your mid-section. This article about one of my favorite torso training exercises will not be about the aesthetic aspect of your torso. First, because your torso does so much more than “look sexy”. Second,[..]


Reaching: A Key To Healthy Shoulders

Want to know what a coach spends their time doing to help you, as their client, move better? This week, I’ve asked top-notch coach, Lucy Hendricks, to give us a peek into her brain as she digs in to coaching some of the most common movement and posture problems she’s seeing today. You’re going to[..]


How And Why You Need To Stand Better

Sitting is getting all the attention these days. Sitting will kill you, it will ruin your hip flexors, and it will destroy your metabolism – in case it didn’t kill you already. You hear this information and want to do something about it. So you start standing up more. Problem solved, right? Guess again. There[..]


Three Exercises To Improve Your Body’s Stability And Power

If you move well, you have a greater likelihood of being pain-free and reaching your fitness goals. And yet, modern life doesn’t allow for much ‘moving well’. Unless you create it. This week, I invited my friend Bert Massey to teach you more about one movement pattern that pays big benefits but is often missed[..]


Grow Yourself A Shoe | All About The Foot’s Fatty Padding

If you’ve spent any amount of time here at Fit For Real Life, you know that having strong, pain-free feet is an outcome I champion. I met Jessi Stensland in 2011, just a few years out of her professional triathlon and off-road racing careers, and we’ve forged a friendship through a mutual love of natural[..]



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