Six Pillars

How To Improve Your Body Alignment

When you have better body alignment everything just works better. But what is ideal body alignment? How do you go about achieving it? What part of achieving body alignment should you be able to do on your own, and where does a professional – like a coach, chiropractor, or massage therapist – fit into your[..]


Making Feet And Glutes Work Nice So You Can Move Well

In order to get around this great Earth, you’re going to need your locomotive capacity to be functioning well. That means having all of the body parts necessary for movement working. And it means having your movement quality such that the very act of locomotion (walking, running, jogging, crawling, climbing) is possible for you. In[..]


Take Your Shoes Off

I’ve asked one of the most popular guest writers on Fit For Real Life to come back! You guys loved her article on the foot’s fatty padding, now please enjoy Jessi Stensland’s newest article! Over to Jessi who teamed up with Stephanie Welch, humanist and ancestral health advocate, for this one…   “Because my feet, and[..]


How To Help Your Shoulders Feel Better

Shoulder pain is distracting and can feel overwhelming to try and solve. But you don’t have to be stuck with shoulder pain forever. There are three simple steps you can take to put your shoulders on a better path – one that helps you feel and move better. While the shoulder is a complex joint,[..]


Train Your Torso With These Two Drills

You don’t live in a vacuum. And neither does your ‘core’, your ‘abs’, or whatever the word du jour is for your mid-section. This article about one of my favorite torso training exercises will not be about the aesthetic aspect of your torso. First, because your torso does so much more than “look sexy”. Second,[..]



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