Mobile Shoulders

Do I Have To Keep Doing The Drills If I Feel Better?

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When it comes to rehabbing your body from an ache, pain, or injury, what do you do after the area in question starts feeling better? Should you stop doing the drills that got you to this healing place? Or do you have to do them forever? You want to make sure you handle your body[..]


The Six Pillars Of An Unbreakable Body: Mobile Shoulders

When you have aches and pains in your shoulders, everything becomes a challenge. So how do you start getting rid of your shoulder pain, and start building mobility and strength into them? The first thing to do is learn why the “shoulders down and back cue” isn’t a good cue to use to keep your shoulders[..]


How To Help Your Shoulders Feel Better

Shoulder pain is distracting and can feel overwhelming to try and solve. But you don’t have to be stuck with shoulder pain forever. There are three simple steps you can take to put your shoulders on a better path – one that helps you feel and move better. While the shoulder is a complex joint,[..]


Reaching: A Key To Healthy Shoulders

Want to know what a coach spends their time doing to help you, as their client, move better? This week, I’ve asked top-notch coach, Lucy Hendricks, to give us a peek into her brain as she digs in to coaching some of the most common movement and posture problems she’s seeing today. You’re going to[..]


One Key To Better Push-ups, Handstands, And Crow Pose

Upper body strength opens the door to so much movement capacity. When your upper body is strong, here are a few things you can do: Do push-ups to get stronger and feel like a badass Do hand-balancing poses in yoga and feel empowered Do handstands and other gymnastics movements and feel like a kid again[..]