How To Unlock Rigid, Stiff, Movement With Self-Regulation

Knowing how to be a Good Mover is one of the most important things I want you to understand. Because when you’re a Good Mover, your whole world improves. To help teach this, I’ve asked good friend of FFRL, Dr. Seth Oberst back to discuss one major factor you must learn if you want to[..]


Mobility Work: How To Make It More Effective

When you want to achieve your goal of getting better mobility, you don’t want to waste time. And, you want to see results that stick. You don’t want to feel like you’re always starting at square one each time you perform your “mobility work”. Your mobility should improve over time, not revert back to your[..]


Movement And Stress: What’s The Connection?

I first met Dr. Seth Oberst, a Physical Therapist out of Georgia, when he wrote me an email introducing himself and referencing a mutual friend of ours, who has also written an article for Fit For Real Life, Dr. Dave Tilley. We’ve since become pals and it’s an honor that he wrote a guest article[..]