Personal Growth

The Non-Linear Trajectory Of Life

woman looking out the window, sitting in a green fancy chair, her feet propped up on the windowsill in front of her

2020 Update: I wrote this in 2011, as I reflected on the events of 9/11. Almost another ten years have gone by now, and so I revisited this post to see if my thoughts have changed since then. Ten years is a long time. And it goes by in the blink of an eye. I[..]


Write your story, but be open to revisions along the way

As we grow older, one thing we get really good at is telling “our story.” Our story is made up of everything that got us to where we are now. What our story was not meant  to be, though, was a crutch- or explanation-  for why we are (or are not) one thing or another. I get[..]



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