Action Steps for Creating An Inspiring Life

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In my last post, I introduced the concept of ‘texture’ and how bringing texture into your life creates variety, novelty, richness, depth and contrast – all of which are key parts of having a life that is fun and enjoyable. I’m no expert on life, but I’m fairly certain that as humans, we’re supposed to[..]


How To Create A Life That Inspires You

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The ‘routine.’ The day-to-day. The “grind.” Blah. Life deserves to be more than one-note. And as adults, it can so easily become just one, boring, mind-numbing note. I aim to avoid using the word “should”, for so many reasons, but I’m going to go out on a limb & say that no one’s life should[..]


Everything Is Easier If You’re Connected

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Humans love quantifying everything in the fitness world. Percent improvement. WOD Times. Mile splits. All the data you could ever freaking want from the Power Tap on your bike. If you want to measure it, you can. But do you need to only look at things that can be measured, or is there value in[..]


Is “I Am…” A True Statement? | Evolve Thyself

The amount of blogs about believing in yourself is so vast (did a quick check…type “believe in yourself” into Google & you get 395,000,000 results) that it’s astonishing that we continue to write them…as I’m about to do. Why is that? We’re all just trying to find answers. We’re comparing ourselves. Even if we’re not[..]


In the Gym | Jill’s Success

“You are a wave in the ocean. You are the individual wave but you are also the entire ocean. Everything you do affects everyone & everything.” That quote showed up in my facebook feed today, just a few hours after I witnessed it play out in real life. I don’t question for a moment why[..]