How To Avoid Body Breakdowns When Traveling

Wheels down in Salt Lake City. The “I’m here! It’s road trip time!” text was sent and I was scooped from the airport, the adventure just unfolding. We stopped at my apartment so I could swap the contents of my backpack for things more suited to the Mars-like lands of Moab, Utah – our destination[..]


How To Move Well: See Movement As A Language

If you’ve never learned a language, you wouldn’t begin by reading a novel. You’d begin instead by learning the alphabet, followed by common words, and eventually sentence structure. The alphabet is the foundation for basic language-learning. When you know various letters, you can put them together to make words. The same is true for movement.[..]


Podcast Lift Like A Girl Manifesto Episode

e – Host Nia Shanks and I cover the cornerstones of fitness and mindset that you need to achieve all of your goals in life. What kind and how much strength training do you need? Is dieting necessary and how you can change you relationship with food? Where does mindset play in to all of[..]



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