How To Become Teammates With Your Body

It took me several years, but I finally got tired of bashing into the same walls over and over again…trying so hard, feeling like I wasn’t trying hard enough, sometimes feeling both at the very same time. Eesh. This is Part Two of my post on effort, force, and how much “try hard” you need[..]


You’re Standing In Your Own Way

I didn’t always have an easygoing relationship with my body and my fitness routine. That’s putting it nicely… To be blunt and judgmental: I used to be a real asshole to my body. And I could feel the effects of my choice. Recurring aches and pains. Feeling like my back muscles were perpetually as tight[..]


How To Set And Achieve Goals That Fulfill You

reach your goals!

The process of getting from ‘goal’ to ‘goal achieved’ is often long. Have you ever abandoned goals because it just seemed like you were never going to get there? Or perhaps you persisted forward to your goal – but felt heaps of frustration with your slow progress. In fourteen years of coaching, I feel lucky to have[..]


The Six Pillars Of An Unbreakable Body: Mobile Shoulders

When you have aches and pains in your shoulders, everything becomes a challenge. So how do you start getting rid of your shoulder pain, and start building mobility and strength into them? The first thing to do is learn why the “shoulders down and back cue” isn’t a good cue to use to keep your shoulders[..]



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