Four Myths About Mobility Training – Part One

If you wanted to learn to speak French, you wouldn’t take lessons in mathematics to accomplish it. The fastest way to learn a language is to start practicing speaking with that language. How you improve your flexibility, range of motion, and mobility, are no different. And yet, you might still be doing things to improve[..]


Adulthood Rebooted: This Is Modern Adulting

We’re doing adulthood differently these days. Are you in or are you out? You see, there’s an archetype of the adult that is dying its death as we speak. If you’re in that archetype, as you get older, you stop trying new things. You stop sitting on the floor. You stop doing things for the[..]


Are You Taking A Scarcity Mindset With Your Body?

You can do all the best drills and be diligent about following the routine but if you don’t address what’s happening in your mind, you’re going to struggle with long-term success. There are two kinds of mindsets you could deploy when it comes to your body. One is highly common, but not very helpful. The[..]


Muscle Tension: Are You Standing In Your Own Way?

I didn’t always have an easygoing relationship with my body and my fitness routine. That’s putting it nicely. And I could feel the effects of my choice. Tension everywhere in my body. Recurring aches and pains. Feeling like my back muscles were perpetually as tight as a guitar string. Fatigue that never seemed to dissipate.[..]



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