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Going Beyond The Physical Results of Becoming Fit

You’re the entrepreneur of your body. An entrepreneur develops a business plan, acquires the required resources, and is fully responsible for its success or failure. That’s you, regarding your body. You decide what you want your body to do. Do a triathlon. Live pain-free. Become a swimmer. Do a handstand. You figure out what you[..]


Dissolving Pain: A Book Report

I recently finished reading the book, Dissolving Pain, by Les Phemi PhD, and Jim Robbin. I don’t have chronic physical pain, but I loved this book and how it helped a variety of areas of my life. So I’m sharing my book report with you recapping the key concepts of the book and my takeaways[..]


How To Avoid Body Breakdowns When Traveling

Wheels down in Salt Lake City. The “I’m here! It’s road trip time!” text was sent and I was scooped from the airport, the adventure just unfolding. We stopped at my apartment so I could swap the contents of my backpack for things more suited to the Mars-like lands of Moab, Utah – our destination[..]


25 Ways To Live A Longer, Better Life

If you’re going to do something, you may as well do it well. And when it comes to doing the thing of “living life”, I’m of the mind that doing it big, wild, joyfully, and for as long as you can, is a good way to go. Life is about having great experiences and doing[..]



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