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Take Your Shoes Off

I’ve asked one of the most popular guest writers on Fit For Real Life to come back! You guys loved her article on the foot’s fatty padding, now please enjoy Jessi Stensland’s newest article! Over to Jessi who teamed up with Stephanie Welch, humanist and ancestral health advocate, for this one…   “Because my feet, and[..]


How To Make Texting Better For Your Body

Office workers have ergonomic keyboards, chairs, monitors, and desk setups to help them use those devices with less strain on their bodies. Shoe-wearers have wider toe boxes, zero-drop heels, and more pliable material. What does the person who regularly uses a smartphone or e-reader have to make those devices work better and cause less strain?[..]


How To Focus And Prioritize Your Fitness Efforts

I sat down in his class on the first day of the semester. He strode into the small classroom – there were only 20 of us – and as he arrived at the front of the room, the words were already being fired from his mouth. It took thirty seconds for any of us to[..]


The Art Of Habit-Forming

I don’t think habits are meant to be permanent. For how much work humans put into forming “good habits” though, it sure seems like they intend the habits to be permanent. The science of forming habits is a massive field of research and study, and has been the backbone of countless diet, productivity, workout, sleep,[..]


Darkness, Humans, And The End Of Night

starry night sky

Becoming fit for real life has never been exclusively about fitness and gym workouts. To be fit for real life, you must also spend time cultivating a real life that you enjoy immersing yourself into. And so I have a question for you: when is the last time you found a night sky that got[..]