Life Enhancements

3,000 Kilometers South, Part Three

It was thirty minutes to midnight when the lights of a small town appeared on the horizon. “Want to get out and look at the stars before we get too close to town?” “For sure.” Room At The Inn In the hours we’d been driving the now-dirt road of La Cuarenta, the wind had picked[..]


3,000 Kilometers South, Part Two

A heavy hand on my shoulder and a voice in my ear saying “don’t move” woke me from the deepest sleep. Instantly fully awake, I froze in my skin, eyes wide open and staring at the tent ceiling. Then I heard it. Snarling and growling and rooting noises that were unlike any animal I’ve ever[..]


3,000 Kilometers South, Part One

Three years ago, I stood in the quietest place I’ve ever been, having arrived here because we saw a volcano on the horizon and drove towards it, found a dirt road and followed it, further and further back, till we found ourselves at the barren base of the volcano. Evening of Day Two in Patagonia…[..]


Heated Socks & Other Life Lessons

I am walking through a snowy aspen grove wearing a camo jacket and backpack and carrying my bow

I wrapped up my hunt season in six inches of fresh, feather light powder. So light it seemed to step aside for me as each foot landed one in front of the other. It was an idyllic morning, even though it was cold and there were a grand total of zero ungulates to be found.[..]