Becoming Unbreakable Book Bonus

Thank you for reading, Becoming Unbreakable: How To Build A Body You Love To Live In.

I am so excited for you to go on the journey to heal your aches and pains and become Unbreakable in body, mind, and spirit!

This bonus page helps you expand further into the material in the book, and provides resources for you as you go on your journey to become Unbreakable.

Let’s do this!


Ready To Do Your First Six Pillars Exercises Along With Me?

Down below are the first exercises for the Six Pillars that I teach in my book.

When you are ready for more help, take my complete Movement Assessment that walks you through 14 different assessments to identify exactly what your body needs to continue building its Six Pillars so you become Unbreakable.

You can take the Assessment and get my complete Six Pillars Library of Exercises, and much more in my Becoming Unbreakable Workout & Lifestyle Course. 

In my course, you’ll discover exactly what your body needs to feel exactly how you want it to feel through my detailed Assessment process…

And you’ll learn the exact right exercises to address what you find in your Assessment. 

Your body will get stronger with workouts that actually make you feel better when you’re done, not worse.

You’ll even become capable of making your own workouts and knowing that they are safe and effective (a crucial skill if you want to maintain your body for the rest of your life.)

On top of that, you’ll experiment with eight different Lifestyle Experiments I’ve provided to help your body be its best even outside of workout time!

Strong Torso Exercise

Strong Posture Exercise

Strong Feet Exercise

Mobile Hips Exercise

Mobile Shoulders Exercise

Strong Glutes Exercise

Track Your Data & Experiments With The Unbreakable Field Journal

how to be unbreakable field journal image

We all have the best of intentions when it comes to building new habits.


Intentions are fuel that burns quick. In order to keep the fire stoked, you need to take consistent action.

And do you know what helps you stay consistent?

Tracking your actions and outcomes. On paper. Written in your own hand.

To help you do that, I’ve created a companion journal that guides you through tracking the most important things as you put into practice what you learned in Becoming Unbreakable.

Here Are Even More Videos To Help You Explore How Your Body Moves (Or Doesn't...But Could!)

Exploring All The Ways Your Body Moves

Exploring Low Level Movement Post-Injury