How To Overcome Your Internal Struggles & Achieve Your Goals | Smart Athlete Podcast

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It can be incredibly hard to get fit and achieve your goals when you have internal struggles that continually trip you up. From going so hard that you sustain chronic injuries to letting one bad day turn into a month of being off-track, there are many ways our internal struggles trip us up.

If you can solve those struggles, you will find it is much easier to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

In this interview, I talked with Jesse, of the Smart Athlete Podcast, about the internal struggles I experienced on my own journey of becoming the person I am today.

We also discussed common struggles people face when working to achieve a health or fitness goal. And I shared my Explorer’s Mindset process that helps you accomplish anything you desire – from achieving a goal like running a 10K to resolving those internal struggles that are causing you problems.

And if you prefer to just listen to the podcast, click here for the Soundcloud audio version.

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