Fit For Real Life Lotion Bar Review

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I want my skin to be moisturized just like you do. But when it came to choosing a lotion that matched the values I hold for my body, it was a struggle.

I value whole-body – inside and out – health, and the toxic chemicals that are used in the majority of skincare products today just don’t align with my values.

Having seen how much better my health, my skin, my hairs, and my overall body got as I removed these chemicals from my life, it was only natural I started making skincare products myself that used the best good-for-you ingredients!

I make Fit For Real Life Lotion Bars with natural ingredients that you could eat… Which is a metric you should consider when choosing personal care products.

Since the biggest hurdle you might face in deciding if you should try my Lotion Bars is that you don’t know how they work, what they smell like, or how effective they are, I want to share some of the customer reviews I’ve received for the Bars.

“I was lucky enough to try one of Kate’s amazing Lotion Bars. It was very different at first as I’ve been accustomed to the traditional bottle lotion for so long.

It goes on very smoothly and absorbs quite quickly. It works beautifully on “flip flop heels” as well!

The scent is lovely and very light, which I appreciate as I am very sensitive to fragrance. Looking forward to getting more and sharing with my friends!” -MM

“Love it so far! Feels good…smells good! I am using it mostly for my fingertips , they get so dry and even crack sometimes. Last night I even used it on my face after I washed it. Felt great this morning!” – TV

autumn lotion bar

“My impression right out of the box: it’s awesome! Smells so good and absorbs great.” – CG

“I got my Lotion Bars and I LOVE them! They smell so good and just melt into your skin. My daughter is having a baby soon and she loved it on her belly. You’re onto something, keep going!” – DT

I hope these customer reviews help you get a sense of the quality, scent, and uses of the Fit For Real Life Lotion Bars. For the holiday season, I’ve got several Lotion Bar options for you to choose from, so head to my Shop now!

the fit for real life lotion bar sitting in the reusable metal tin it comes in

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