Discussing The Signal/Response Method On The Intuitive Leadership Mastery Podcast

I developed the Signal/Response Principle and the Explorer’s Mindset while I was doing the Big Push to deeply heal my body two decades ago. I needed a way of building my own autonomy, a way to understand what my body was telling me, and a way to systematically address what I was finding.

The Signal/Response Principle was the foundation for doing all of that.

What I didn’t realize back then was that Signal/Response can be used across all areas of life – from relationships to business. You can use it to solve your problems. You can use it to take charge in an area of your life you’re struggling with. And you can use it to understand the situation you are facing better so you can move from ‘stuck’ to ‘solved’.

My friend, Michaela Light, recently had me on their show, The Intuitive Leadership Mastery Podcast, to talk about using Signal/Response to heal. This podcast is geared towards business owners but is full of nuggets for any person with a body, not just bodies that own businesses. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!


To learn more about the Signal/Response Principle, read my book, Becoming Unbreakable: How To Build A Body You Love To Live In

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