Trying Something New And Struggling To Stick With It? Try This.

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I stuffed my pocket full of juniper berries and branches as we hiked back to the trailhead. This is not an uncommon thing for me to do when it’s summertime and there’s lots of delicious things growing that I can use to make a wild soda.

“These’ll be good,” I said to myself. And indeed, the juniper berries I’d brought home smelled divine when I mixed them with apricots from our tree, slices of lemon, a bunch of raw honey, and distilled water, and set them outside in a glass jar to soak up the heat and the sun. This is the basic concept of a wild soda. You take a bunch of stuff that has wild yeast on it, mix it with raw honey, water, and put it somewhere warm for a period of time.

Along with sodas, I’ve made salsas, jams, and other goodies from Nature’s bounty, and during all this time spent making things, I got to thinking about the lessons that come with trying something new.

Do You Have To Try New Things?

You don’t have to try new things, but you’ll never branch out of your current existence if you don’t. To take care of your body so it’s strong, resilient, and capable of whatever you ask of it – or as I call it “becoming unbreakable” – means you must be willing to try new things. The journey of body care is one that lasts a lifetime and there will be no shortage of new things to take on during that time.

For you, the ‘new thing’ might be learning to set a healthy habit or learning a new form of exercise. For someone else, it might be learning to listen to their body instead of ignoring it, or learning how to rehab an injured part of their body.

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But trying new things, and sticking with them, can be downright difficult.

It can bring up feelings that don’t feel so good – feeling like a failure, like a “newbie”, or just the uncomfortable feeling of knowing that you’re not good at it yet. Even though it’s true that if you’re doing something new of course you’re not going to be good at it yet, it doesn’t make it feel any better.

So what’s a person to do?

The Hardest Part Of Fitness
Is Trying Something New
(Here’s How To Make It Easier)

To help yourself try new things that will help you (whether in fitness or otherwise), there is something very simple you can do:

If you think of a “win” as a gold nugget that is highly valuable to you, you’ll notice that you have quite a few more wins when you expand the criteria for “what is valuable to me”.

Put another way, if the only way you “win” is by achieving the end goal that may be weeks or months away from happening, that’s going to be tough to stick with. But when you recognize that there is high value in things you’ll earn long before a final outcome is earned, you all of a sudden are winning like crazy right from the get-go.

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You can still want that end goal that you’re hoping to achieve. But here are several more things you can earn when you take on something new. Each of them are highly valuable. And none of them are dependent on you getting to the end goal to achieve them.

Reasons to take on something new…

Do it to become “good at it”, so you can see who you are in the time when you’re not yet good at it.

Do it to have something to show for the effort, that something being your values.

Do it to experience mistakes and hiccups in the process, so that you can reverse engineer why those things happen, and then learn from it.

Do it learn how you stick with it (or don’t stick with it) when you’re tired, stressed, sick, or unmotivated.

Do it to build your capacity to be motivated by “process” versus “outcome”.

Do it to learn something new, or to re-learn something old that you once knew but had forgotten.

And you can do it to win too, not just to win, but also to learn about who you are when you win.

There are a vast array of valuable things you can earn when you try something new. But only if you are willing to recognize the value in things other than “outcome”.

What else would you add to this list of things you can earn long before you achieve a final outcome? Leave your thoughts in the comments.



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