Writing For Myself, Walking, And Noticing

I got tired of saying “I miss blogging” and decided to start blogging again. Not that anyone cares but I didn’t actually stop blogging. I just took the last 18 months to write articles on my other site – The Unbreakable Body.

And I’m still doing that. I’m also writing a book. And writing my social media content. So why in the world would I want to add another writing project to my plate?

Because I want to write without worrying about things like SEO, sentence length, sub-headings, and “is this easy to be skimmed by a busy individual?” All of these things and more are required to be at the forefront when writing solutions that people are seeking.

I mean, I know they don’t have to be. But I’ve not yet built out the career path where I can write however I want (SEO keywords be damned!) and have it make me money in my business.

Plus, the writing for people looking for The Unbreakable Body and how to build their own body to be unbreakable…that’s for them. As it should be.

But teaching you how to heal aches and build physical strength is just one of the multitude of things I’m interested in writing and sharing about.

What Goes Where?

That’s one thing that I find to be challenging about being a solopreneur where the person and the ‘brand’ aren’t super distinct from each other. How do I share the me who is interested in lots of things beyond movement, fitness, and body care, and not have it confuse people who are finding me because they want to heal their low back aches?

I don’t know what the answer is, but I know for sure I’m not going to find it by waiting around. Plus, I’m having so many life adventures – both big and small – and have way more memories and photos than what I could possibly share in the little box that is the ‘gram. So! All of these things have come together and I’m throwing some new personal writing up and will see where it takes us…

Walk Until You Notice Something

When a podcast interviewer once asked me “how long do you walk for” when we were discussing the value of taking short walks during your day, I responded with ‘I walk until I notice something.’

That particular phrase landed well for folks, and now “walk until you notice something” became one of the health habits I share regularly.

Walking is a great health habit to do – from your physical health through to your mental as well as your emotional health. But just telling folks to go walking isn’t enough for some. I understand. Some folks really want some sort of metric to aim for to know if they accomplished whatever they were setting out to do.

Walk until you notice something is a way to have a metric other than distance, time, calories burned, or some other isolated focus. It’s about a state-change rather than checking off the to-do list.

By setting out on a little mid-day walk and walking until you notice something, you get yourself out of the narrow focused state of attention that you’re generally in when you’re working or going about your day. This state of attention also tends to come with being a bit more ramped up in your sympathetic nervous system – which is when your body is responding to a stressful situation. And being stuck in a stress response isn’t ideal for long periods of time.

Anyways, go out walking and just walk until you notice something. It could be the brightness of the blue sky. Or perhaps the tiny buds forming on the shrubs planted in front of the building you’re walking past. It may take a few minutes or it may take a bit longer. Once you notice something and feel yourself really leaning into that noticing, you can stop walking. Or keep going, it’s up to you.

In noticing things, I have been also noticing just how little I know about the natural world. I’m working to improve that by learning how to garden, increasing my knowledge of wild plants by a few each year, and learning about animals and their habits in their habitat. Here’s a few pictures from my recent life adventures where I’m learning a lot…

I believe these flowers I sat in a field of while scarfing down a snack before the last push to camp are forget me nots. Since I’m not 100% sure of their identity, I won’t forage them. But I am 100% sure on nettle, dandelions and bluebells, so I foraged those instead.
Sunset in late June at camp in the Uinta Mountains, where the fishing was good. I learned how to complete the life cycle with my food on this trip. I saw the whole process through from lake to my dinner plate. I don’t know if others need to do this, but if I’m going to eat meat, I need to.
Backpacking always reminds me of the simple pleasures, like finding shade during a long, steep, hot hike with a heavy pack. Amazing how modern life makes it so easy to forget just how marvelous small and simple pleasures are.
From about this vantage point, we glassed up two grown moose down at the bottom of the canyon chasing each other around and another moose with her adorable calf trailing behind her. Note to self: moose can run fast

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