Podcast: This Thing Called Movement

I recently was invited to chat with show host, Marie Janicek, on her podcast This Thing Called Movement. The podcast explores the unique experiences and journeys of people’s movement journeys, detailing not only the specifics of which movement practices people are engaging in, but diving into the deeper aspects of how Movement connects us in all other aspects of life.

We talked about how I teach movement with a strong focus on curiosity and the conversations our bodies are always having with us, and my early experiences with health and fitness that led me to that.

We also discussed what movement means to us, and I’m curious to hear if my definition of ‘movement’ resonates with you!

If you are a person, and you move your body (or want to), I think you’ll enjoy our talk! You can listen to the full episode by clicking HERE or on the photo below. If you use a platform for podcasts other than itunes, then you can find our episode easily by searching for the podcast name on your player of choice.

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