The Hidden Costs Of Ignoring Symptoms

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I wasted a lot of money and stress because I let a problem fester for close to two years. As you listen to me tell this story, it’s likely to be fairly obvious to you how I ‘stuck my head in the sand’ rather than face it head on. But I hope you’ll listen all the way to the end where I mention why me – or anyone else – might do that…

This type of story could easily be about your health, your body, your work, your nutrition, your relationship, or your family. And while some lessons just can’t be learned by osmosis – that is, you “get” the lesson just by witnessing someone else go through it – I hope this one can be for you. Because if it can, I think you’ll take massive leaps forward in your action to becoming an excellent caretaker of your body.

Check out the story and I’d love to hear your insights and takeaways. I’ll have comments open on this post.

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