Six Tips To Help You Be An Excellent Caretaker Of Your Body

“I actually do make a difference”

“My body is my best friend…”

These are just a few of the answers I got when I posed the same question to each of the experts I talked with on UB/TV. What answer would you give if I asked you the same question?

Watch the video below to discover the question, and to learn six incredibly useful tips to help you become an excellent caretaker of your body.

You’ll see powerhouses of their craft sharing their insights and wisdom, including…

Michelle Tam, of nomnompaleo
Dr. Seth Oberst, Physical Therapist
Jessi Stensland, founder of Feet FREEX
Dr. Jade Teta, of Metabolic Effect
Dan Chmura, Coach at The Unbreakable Body

Some of what they cover includes…

One kitchen technique you need to know

One thing most people don’t understand about pain

How to start untangling the cause of your pain

Natural movement in the real world

Game changer thinking on fitness and fat loss


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