The Six Pillars Of An Unbreakable Body: Strong Posture

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What is ‘good posture’? Does it exist?

What muscles do you use to hold strong, tall, stacked posture?

If you want to have good posture, you’re likely aware of things like posture with your computer, or while driving

How does your shoulder’s range of motion influence your posture? 

How does the mobility of your spine impact your ability to get into stacked and tall posture?

What can you do to start changing your natural posture so it’s not always a struggle to stand with strong posture?

I talk about this and give you three more rarely discussed, but very important, aspects required for having strong posture, in this recent facebook live event.

Watch this talk and learn more about how your shouldersneck, and spine need to be trained if you are to have strong posture!



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