The Six Pillars Of An Unbreakable Body: Strong Feet

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It’s not normal to have foot pain. It’s not natural to develop plantar fasciitis. Bunions aren’t genetic. And flat feet can be fixed.

Not only are strong feet important so that your feet feel good, having strong feet impacts how strong you’ll move your entire lower body.

From running to climbing stairs, weightlifting to cycling, and everything in between…

If you want to move well, you need your feet working well.

In this recent fb live, I taught the ins and outs of foot health, and gave you drills to get started improving your own feet today:


Get A Complete Foot Training Program

If you’re serious about healing your feet, getting rid of the pain, and building strong, durable, feetthen you’ll want a complete foot training program. I’ve helped hundreds of people heal their feet with the drills and exercises I’ve put together into my new easy-to-follow program, Unbreakable Feet.


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