Train Your Torso With These Two Drills

You don’t live in a vacuum. And neither does your ‘core’, your ‘abs’, or whatever the word du jour is for your mid-section.

This article about one of my favorite torso training exercises will not be about the aesthetic aspect of your torso.

First, because your torso does so much more than “look sexy”.

Second, genetics – they have a whole bunch to say about what your body looks like.

Third, I truly don’t care what your torso looks like so long as it:

Supports you in leading the most kickass life you can imagine

No back pain, no tweaks because you “moved wrong”, no weakness showing up when you need to help your kiddo move all their stuff into their college dorm room.

Instead, I’ve created a video for you of one of my favorite torso training drills that makes you a more capable human, by way of making your torso stronger and teaching it to play nice with the rest of your body.

Here are the cool things you get to work on when you perform the drills in the video:

  • Hip stability
  • Torso rotation
  • Scapular control
  • Controlling how you transfer force around your body



If you’re new to trying out these torso training drills, start in the range of 6 to 8 reps per side, and select a manageable weight.

As you become more experienced, you can up the weight of the object you hold, or you can up the repetitions, or both.

Remember that your torso has a variety of muscle that make up that region of your body, all of which help your torso to perform a variety of functions. And your torso plays a part in the movement of your entire body.

There’s a time and place for isolation drills, and there’s a time and place for drills that make you connect the dots, so to speak, of your body’s movement capabilities.


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