Improve Your Posture By Fixing Forward Head Position

Good posture.

Everyone wants it, and yet, modern lifestyle practically ensures you will never achieve it. Unless you know how to avoid the ‘problem positions’ and put in place the solutions required for building good posture into your body.

It’s important to realize that having a forward head posture not only makes it harder to achieve that ‘good posture’ you strive for, it also increases the risk that you’ll feel tension in your muscles around your head and neck, and could cause spine issues down the road.

Nobody wants to walk around looking like a turtle with your head poking forward in front of your body. The good news is that, after viewing the video, you’ll know where to look out for a sneaky forward head position that is negatively affecting your posture. You’ll also know three action steps you can take to bring your head back into better posture with the rest of your body.

In just fifteen minutes, you’ll have a handle on how to improve your head position as part of your posture, and if you want to jump to specific parts of the video, I’ve included a time stamp below of when I talk about the various aspects of forward head posture. Enjoy!

00:52 – the four ways you’re most likely negatively affecting your posture

6:55 – one mobility drill to help you relieve tension in your neck/upper back

9:48 – two strength movements to help you strengthen your posture

14:15 – joke-telling kate makes an appearance LOL



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