One Often Overlooked Key To Improving Your Fitness

If you’re struggling with your fitness practice, you’re probably asking yourself one of these questions, too:

What actually needs to go into moving your fitness practice forward?

How do you actually ‘get better’ at something?

When does ‘proficiency’ set in?

To answer this, I grabbed my camera and headed outside to film this short video for you. In it, I discuss one element that needs to be at the core of your training, and what childhood mathematics can teach you about it.

Give it a watch and then tell me what you think: “How does repetition and novelty factor fit in to the results you’ve gotten with a goal – fitness or otherwise?”


Repetition is what must exist in order for novelty to even be noticed. If you don’t have the “daily grind”, you have no concept of the relief of a weekend.

Repetition is just one ingredient in the cocktail of “Texture” that your life deserves to be.

Not sure what sort of repetition you need? Learn about the foundations of movement – and what stops you from moving well – here.


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