Having A Life Of ‘More’ Through Better Movement (Plus, Must-See Articles and a Special Giveaway)

You never know what’s around the bend. You may make a guess at what’s coming, and be spot on, or you may be mind blown at what actually appears as you round the bend.

This has rung true for me for the last four years that I’ve really started paying attention to ‘what I think is going to happen’ and what actually happens.

It’s easy to look back and see because I write in a journal regularly. I can see what I was thinking and feeling weeks, months, years ago.

And when I look back to a few months ago, “drive an SUV through Chile & Argentina for 2 weeks down to Patagonia” wasn’t in my list of ‘stuff that’s ahead’.

And yet, it happened. 

Do, Be, Have: What More Means Is Personal

I teach you how to heal your aches so you can do more.

I teach you how to get strong so you can do more. 

I teach you how to be an excellent caretaker of your body so you can have more in every area of your life.

And I subscribe to that motto fully myself – make it so I am capable of having more.

And it’s resulted in all sorts of adventures – like meeting Zach And Tessa, backpacking Spikeball players, who I hiked an eight hour day with to the Cordillera Paine in Patagonia.

(Side note: Spikeball was the perfect wind down after our hike. It’s an incredibly fun game that gets heated very quickly as you figure out how to play. I’ve ordered a set, and I’m looking forward to traveling with it.)



More’ doesn’t have to mean travel or hiking or sports. More can mean so many things. It just depends on who you are…

Maybe it means:

  • Playing with your kids as they grow up and take on new adventures – and no aches or pains hold you back
  • Doing yard work or house chores and feeling super strong and capable
  • Completing in an Ironman triathlon or Crossfit competition, and getting a result you’re proud to have achieved
  • Walking through streets in Asia or Europe, or hiking your way through the PCT

Whatever ‘more’ is to you, it’s personal.

Why I Want ‘More’ For You

A life fully lived is a life well lived.

I want the hurdles removed so that whatever is around the bend for you is something you can say yes to. So that you can say ‘yes’ when an opportunity arises. So that you can feel confident when times get tough, as they surely will at some point along the journey.

To tackle your ‘more’, and be prepared for whatever it takes, you need to start with knowledge.

This blog is free and full of content. My coaching programs and workshops are hands-on and go much further with knowledge, coaching, and guidance tailored to you.

What adventure, win, or experience, is waiting around the bend for you? What do you need to learn to get yourself there?

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