Your Map To Better Movement: 11 Empowering Resources That Will Unlock Your Movement Mindset

What you’re about to read, despite what it looks like, is not a cheat code or “shortcut”.

As you follow the links in this post, you’ll be given the tools that will most certainly make it easier for you to be mobile, strong, durable, capable – essentially – to be fit for real life.

(See what I did there?)

Why This Isn’t A Cheat Code (And Why That Matters)

Cheat codes imply that you’re skipping steps to jump ahead. You get to the end, but without the complete impact and results.

I get it. Sometimes you just want to be done. I want to just be ‘done’ sometimes too.

Like when I study Alan Watts, I’m doing it so that I become a better person. But I’m not exploiting a ‘cheat code’ to suddenly evolve into a better person (that’s impossible). Instead, I’m studying the lessons he’s sharing and then consciously implementing them into my life.

It’s just simply consulting the map created by someone who has been there before.

Now just as we all want to be better people, we want to be better humans too.  You want to be a human that isn’t stuck with superglued joints or stiff with mangled muscles.  You want to be a human that can move, that can experience all that life has to offer, with fluidity and the subtle dance of movement.

So, please – consider this your map, and I (along with all of the teachers I’ve learned from over the last 12 years) am your mapmaker.

Let’s skip the cheat codes, and get the full impact.

Is This Map Right For You?

You might be wondering if what follows is really for you. And that’s fair.

So whether you’re an:

  • Elite triathlete, training for your next big race
  • Corporate powerhouse, moving and shaking your way through the company
  • Passionate beginner, looking to reclaim your birthright to natural and effortless movement

Here’s how to check if this is for you:

  • you want to ask of your body a multitude of things, and you can trust it to respond accordingly
  • you want to maintain a lifestyle of ‘doing stuff’ and have a body that supports that without aches, pains and gluey joints
  • you know that age is just a number and you want your body to know that too, keeping you as ache & pain free as possible while moving with ease
  • you view life as a playground, and you want to explore, adapt, and evolve to play in it

Do you tick any of the above? If so, then this post is for you.

The Map Of The Territory

Now, instead of reading this post, you could go read all of things I’ve ever created. That would be more like learning the topography of an entire area instead of checking a map for a route to the location you want to get to.

Instead, this post is the map. In it, you’ll find the most important lessons & tools for following the path to becoming fit for real life. For becoming durable, for building your foundation, for getting strong enough, for getting your body, mind & soul to the next level.

Without further ado, I present to you my top 6 articles on a fit life, and top 5 podcast interviews.

Not Just Capable – Unbreakable.

Injuries, aches, pains, grinding on your joints. It all sucks. To be capable means ‘you can do it.’ It leaves a hole though. Just because you can doesn’t speak to how you hold up as you do.

I have known plenty of clients, who when they walked in my door, were ‘capable’ of doing Ironman triathlons, but they weren’t doing them well, and they weren’t doing them without walking out of them like they’d just come off a battle field where it was questionable if they’d actually won.

Become unbreakable, instead of just capable, and you close that hole.

This post take you through a checklist of places to focus & things to do in order to become unbreakable.

Discover the 4 Key Concepts of Injury Prevention You’re Missing on Fit For Real Life, here.

It’s Not Just About How You Train, But How Much You Train.

“Some is good, so more must be better”


It’s natural to feel gung-ho with working out. Your endorphins are rolling in, your energy is going up, you may even get to train with friends, making the enjoyment factor go ever higher as well.

Your ‘fitness pie’ has only got so many pieces to partition up into the various items you need to achieve high-quality movement capacity, solid fitness, & body durability. Not to mention, there’s an INSANE amount of fitness ‘stuff to know’ out there.

This post will help you get the right items into your fitness pie, and understand how to use MED-type training to get train hard, for a long time, without developing over-use injuries.

Learn about ‘MED: The Goldilocks Of Training Dosage’ on Fit For Real Life, here.

No Seriously, Do Something About Your Calves & Feet

You train your back, your glutes, your quads. You work on running technique, you learn better lifting techniques. You buy the right shoes, you wear the best gear for the activity at hand.

And yet, you skip over the 2 things that make all of that possible.

Your calves & feet. You go literally nowhere without them.

And your calves might appreciate getting some of the love that you’re giving the rest of your body.our calves suck. Or, to be blunt. Your calves & feet suck. And they’re messing you up.

These posts will give you not just a better understanding of your calves & feet, but specific actions, 6 of them, that you can take today to make your feet & calves as stellar as the rest of you.

Learn about Tight Calves, And What To Do With Them, on Fit For Real Life, here.

Discover How & Why To Make Your Feet Stronger on, here.

Evolve Thyself

With all my soul I believe that building fitness is about so much more than the time you spend in the gym.

Your mindset, the stuff you engage with and respond to in your real life, your self-evolvement journey… That stuff matters because it’s that stuff that resides right along with you and your cute little muscle fibers.

When you want to explore the more soul-focused part of your real-life fitness, head to the Evolve Thyself category of the Fit For Real Life Articles. An example of what you’ll find there I’ve linked below.

Building enrichment into your life, seeking out novelty, finding out who you really are & then rockin’ the hell out of that…that’s just a taste of what I’ve put in the Evolve Thyself section of Fit For Real Life for you.

Uncover your own Physical Culture, Self-Expression, & Awe on Fit For Real Life, here.

Learn how to define – and create – A Life That Inspires You on Fit For Real Life, here.

Words, Ideas, Discussions.

Sometimes, I get asked to have conversation with folks and it’s recorded.

Podcasts are excellent to listen to in the car, on walks, when you’re riding your trainer in your basement in winter because all of your triathlon training has moved indoors.

Here’s a collection of podcasts I was thrilled to sit down and participate in.

Simply Human Podcast

simply-humanIn these podcasts, I sit down with Mark & Rick and discuss the 6 Pillars of Strength from The Unbreakable Body. As of writing, we’ve covered two so far (with more to come).

First, start with Episode 53 on Strong Feet. Feet have 8.6 x 10^36 unique positions, and are the baseline for getting your body aligned.

Check out Episode 53 on Strong Feet here.

Then, check out episode 59 on Strong Posture. Once you’ve got your baseline sorted for alignment, it’s time to take care of posture once and for all.

This is how you avoid all the aches, pains and stresses of sitting at a desk for 8 hours per day, or the misaligned issues from spending hours in the car.

Check out episode 59 on Strong Posture here

Fit Smart Crew

fit-smartWith JC Deen and Rog Law, I sit down to discuss the ‘essence’ of life: behavior.

We talk habit-creation, making goals, following through on them, and how to really tune in to what is right for your body

Listen to Episode 16 with JC and Rog, here.

Full Disclosure Fitness

fdf-jay-scottOn these two episodes with Jay Scott, we dive into mindset as much as we dive into the differences between various types of exercise.

And, as inevitably happens when talking with the host, Jay and I head down some awesome tangents about self-evolvement, reading, and aliens.

(Yes, aliens).

Here’s the episode on Fitness For Real Life.

And here’s the episode on The Unbreakable Body, and how to build yours.

Where To Next?

Whether you’re just starting your journey to building an Unbreakable Body, or you’re well on the path to movement enlightenment, please let me know if there’s any way I can help you.

Whether you want to join me over on Twitter, where we can swap music (and make a push to go on a coffee run with deadmau5)…

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Or on Facebook, home of awesome content (not all of it mine, I promise)…

I’d love to be a part of your journey towards more effortless mobility and self discovery.

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