What people say about me

It’s an honor & true joy
to be a part of the change process in a persons’ life.

Jill Leuer

I started with Kate’s program when I’d finally had enough and decided it was time for me to make a change. I started in her workout class and followed her nutrition guidance, and as the weeks’ went by, I started enjoying cooking again, I was feeling my increased fitness play out in my daily life, & I had no idea how much my body was changing other than I was doing things that used to be a struggle, and none of my clothes fit anymore! When I stepped on the scale after 10 weeks, I found out I’d lost 15lbs and a total of 8.5 inches in my chest, abs, and hips. I’m so glad I crossed paths with Kate, I really feel such an improvement in the quality of my life since getting on this fitness plan.

Fit For Real Life - Testimonial - Jill

Cheryl Atkins

My journey to complete an Ironman led me to Kate. At my first session I knew she would help me get to both the start and finish line of Ironman strong and in top fitness. Kate didn’t waste time, she gave me focused workouts that addressed areas of weakness and tailored my program to meet my goal.

A year prior I had a beautiful baby boy, via emergency C-section. Because of the circumstances, the incision required was much larger than a normal C-section. Rebuilding my core was going to be a tough feat, but I was well armed with Kate’s expertise and guidance.

Kate’s attention to detail is so amazing and so spot-on. I learned so much about how to optimize my new level of strength and keep my muscles working at peak performance through stabilization, strength and stretching. I gained strength I never thought possible (not to mention killer abs, legs and arms!!!). Each week Kate pushed me beyond what I thought I could do… and each week I noticed improvements with each swim, bike and run.

It is because of the solid core, strength, and my new found level of confidence I got while training with Kate that I was able to complete my journey of becoming an Ironman. I am such a firm believer in Kate and ProKine that I sent my Mom who is embarking on the Ironman journey to work with them as well. Hands down, I would recommend ProKine to anyone wanting to succeed in their fitness goals.

Fit For Real Life - Testimonial - Cheryl


Kate is wonderful and so generous with her time and knowledge. My appreciation for her work is sincere; I have had several coaches, instructors, etc. & I spend a lot of time and resources on my training. My goals, focus, direction, etc. are as serious as any other athlete, even though I may not be “athletic” compared to the top-level athletes. I might be less “gifted” at the physical level…but in my mind I am as serious as any top competitor & I want to be treated as such. Kate coaches me with focus & intent that I’d expect a top athlete to get and I recently raced the NYC Marathon healthy & strong thanks to Kate’s strength & mobility coaching. The impact that her work has made on my life & that of my family (who are also coached by Kate) is clear.

Fit For Real Life - Testimonial - Carmen


I came into ProKine after realizing that althought I was a good swimmer, I desired to get into the greatest shape I could be in to improve even more amongst national level competitors. Kate immediately brought me up to speed with what I was lacking, and she keeps me heading in the direction that I need to be going to make a lasting impact in the swimming community. I am overly thrilled with my current condition and time drops and I cannot wait to see the goals we set during the first session achieved!

Fit For Real Life - Testimonial - Will