3 Big Picture Action Steps For Better Injury Recovery

In Part 1 of this post, I covered items you can do yourself to immediately get yourself on a better path to healing from an injury. In terms of ‘seeing the forest from the trees’, in the last post, we were looking at ‘the trees.’ Today, we’ll look at ‘the forest’ – that is –[..]


The Right Way To Recover From An Injury

The way most humans go about coming back to workouts and sports after an injury is dead wrong. And no, this is not yet another post to be chucked in the ‘to ice or not to ice’ debate. That’s small potatoes compared to the thing that’s really impacting how well you come back to your[..]


MED: The Goldilocks Of Training Dosage

I straight-up don’t tolerate aches & pains that might be preventable. If there is even a smidge of ‘this might not have to be the way it is’, I’m in for exploring how to make that a reality. That might be a flaw in my character…perhaps just a bit of perfectionism that still resides in[..]