Defining new heights by pushing through discomfort|Triathletes’ Camp

Just because something sounds hard, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be. Really, what is “hard” anyways – everyone has their own definition of hard; some peoples’ ‘hard’ is something that is just outside their comfort zone. Other peoples’ hard really isn’t hard at all, it’s just unknown to them and so seems hard. But ‘hard’[..]


Reykjavik 1/2 Marathon: Race Report!

What an incredible place to run! My pictures can’t do justice to the beautiful bay that Reykjavik sits on that leads out into the Atlantic Ocean…mountains rising up out of the lava rock on the distant coast…European style lining the streets in the cars, people, buildings….a BMW SUV pulling directly in front of you at[..]


Consolidating resources to survive & thrive!

As you may know, I’ve decided to run a 1/2 Marathon in August – in Iceland. Having been away from racing of any kind since 2008, this was a welcome challenge, and for the first few months of committing to this goal – lots of fun! And now that it’s been a few more months[..]