Kiss Neck And Shoulder Tension Goodbye Online Workshop

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Don’t let neck and shoulder tension hold you back for one more second.

Here's What You'll Learn In The Kiss Neck And Shoulder Tension Goodbye Online Workshop

  • Learn why the traditional guidance of "stretch your stiff muscles" doesn't work. 
  • Discover four lifestyle enhancements to support better neck and shoulder health in your every day life.
  • Explore the science of pain and how understanding what 'pain' is can help you heal.
  • Follow along with me as I walk you through seven drills to start changing how your neck and shoulders feel and function.

"I’m thrilled to say that consistently using only a few of these movements
has relieved some debilitating neck pain, opened up my shoulder mobility, and generally improved my wellbeing.
I started with the movements easiest to use in any setting and will begin adding the others you taught in the days to come!"
-Rebecca, Workshop Attendee

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  • The Workshop Worksheet - a fill-in guide that will help you ensure you take excellent notes of what you learn in the workshop.

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