Podcast Full Disclosure Fitness #60

On this show, we discussed how to build an unbreakable body, what learning to embrace adventure will do for your quality of life, as well as if we believe in aliens. And everything in between! Listen to it Here

Podcast Full Disclosure Fitness #35

A discussion to truly expand your horizons, host Jay Scott and I discuss body durability, injury prevention, and what does the term ‘ functional fitness’ actually mean these days? We dive into visualization, consciousness, float tanks, and much more. Jay and I try to stay on the topic of fitness whenever we talk, but we[..]


Podcast FitSmartCrew #16

In this far-reaching discussion with hosts, JC Deen & Rog Law, we cover ‘fitness motivation’ and how to instill it in yourself, why you can’t have all of the fitness all of the time, how to listen to your body (and when not to), and how to set better habits that are actually sustainable. Listen[..]



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