Strong Torso

The Six Pillars Of An Unbreakable Body: Strong Torso

Your torso is so much more than just abdominal muscles. And it’s capable of far more than holding a plank for two minutes. In order to avoid back pain, breathe well, maintain control of your bladder, and have the strength to do the activities you love, you need to have a stable and strong torso.[..]


Train Your Torso With These Two Drills

You don’t live in a vacuum. And neither does your ‘core’, your ‘abs’, or whatever the word du jour is for your mid-section. This article about one of my favorite torso training exercises will not be about the aesthetic aspect of your torso. First, because your torso does so much more than “look sexy”. Second,[..]


Three Exercises To Improve Your Body’s Stability And Power

If you move well, you have a greater likelihood of being pain-free and reaching your fitness goals. And yet, modern life doesn’t allow for much ‘moving well’. Unless you create it. This week, I invited my friend Bert Massey to teach you more about one movement pattern that pays big benefits but is often missed[..]