The Six Pillars Of An Unbreakable Body: Strong Glutes


When your glutes aren’t strong, it’s common to experience piriformis pain, quad dominance, SI joint pain, low back pain, or knee pain. This does not have to be your future, but you may be looking at the wrong starting point for properly developing your glutes. In this recent fb live, I taught the details on:[..]


The Six Pillars Of An Unbreakable Body: Strong Feet

It’s not normal to have foot pain. It’s not natural to develop plantar fasciitis. Bunions aren’t genetic. And flat feet can be fixed. Not only are strong feet important so that your feet feel good, having strong feet impacts how strong you’ll move your entire lower body. From running to climbing stairs, weightlifting to cycling,[..]


How To Improve Your Body Alignment

When you have better body alignment everything just works better. But what is ideal body alignment? How do you go about achieving it? What part of achieving body alignment should you be able to do on your own, and where does a professional – like a coach, chiropractor, or massage therapist – fit into your[..]


End Range Strength

In order to have pain-free, powerful, movement – you have to have control of your body’s joints and tissues through their entire range of motion. This has been an overlooked aspect of mobility and strength training for far too long, and in this recent facebook live video, I’m teaching you: What end range strength is[..]


Shoulder Health: Mobility, Injury-Recovery, And Strength

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Many shoulder injuries occur because you weren’t properly prepared for the movement that taxed your shoulder beyond its capacity. When the load exceeds what the tissue can handle, an injury is inevitable. Proper preparation for any movement means that you’ve met the prerequisites for the joint(s) being called upon for the movement you want to[..]


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