The Non-Linear Trajectory Of Life

woman looking out the window, sitting in a green fancy chair, her feet propped up on the windowsill in front of her

2020 Update: I wrote this in 2011, as I reflected on the events of 9/11. Almost another ten years have gone by now, and so I revisited this post to see if my thoughts have changed since then. Ten years is a long time. And it goes by in the blink of an eye. I[..]


Planning For the Result You Want

Finally. Five months after the Soldier Field 10, I raced again. And I can honestly say, I have never put so much focused work into one performance-related goal. And due to that, I can also say I was SO glad the day was finally here – time to tie a bow on my endurance season.[..]


Defining new heights by pushing through discomfort|Triathletes’ Camp

Just because something sounds hard, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be. Really, what is “hard” anyways – everyone has their own definition of hard; some peoples’ ‘hard’ is something that is just outside their comfort zone. Other peoples’ hard really isn’t hard at all, it’s just unknown to them and so seems hard. But ‘hard’[..]


Cary 1/2 Marathon: Race Report

12 hours after arriving at the race site (which was a full 90 mins before race time! none of this ‘walk up to the start and run stuff’ in Cary!) I”m finally on my couch rolling the knots in my calves out on the sharp edges of my coffee table. And I’m finally warming from[..]


A Primer on TRX

I have been certified in TRX  teaching for 3 years to athletes and exercisers in the Chicagoland area, and just began teaching athletes via skype/internet across the country. While training with a Fitness Pro is ideal, there are lots of you who have TRX in your home now, and one thing my clients consistently tell me is[..]



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