Why Fat Science is Fuzzy | Gary Taubes’ New Book

[twitter-follow screen_name=’kgalliett’ link_color=’00ccff’] It’s extraordinarily simple why we get fat. Or is it? Researches & the companies that pay those researchers would prefer you think it’s a large problem with 1 single answer. “Americans’ get fat because of carbs!” “It’s because of fat!” “Fatness is linked to a gene!” “Fatness is linked to calories in/calories[..]


How To Stretch Your Food Budget

[twitter-follow screen_name=’kgalliett’ link_color=’00ccff’] One common complaint from those in the “not eating healthy foods as often as they should” camp is that it costs more money to buy healthy foods. To that –  I say Balderdash!! <–does anyone remember that game in the 80’s? So much fun! For the overall argument that healthy foods costs[..]


Nutrition Talk Recap

ProKine was invited to speak Thurs night to a group of beginner runners training for their first 5/10K. So I headed up to meet with these newbies & have a fun talk about nutrition & running! While they were beginning runners, the lessons hold true for any level athlete, so take a read-through of what[..]


U.S. News “Best Diets” List

Recently, an article was run in U.S. News & World Report, outlining the “top diets”. The article is grossly inaccurate when it comes to reviewing the Paleo diet, and serves to further the fact that much of what is in “mainstream media” is not based in facts. The science is clear, as noted by Dr.[..]



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