Why Nutrition Today is a Lot Like Online Dating | A Story about Nuts

[twitter-follow screen_name=’kgalliett’ link_color=’00ccff’] This blog post came out of a conversation I had with a client who’s learning more about nutrition in order to perform their best. (Frankly, if you’re not doing that to some degree in your life, what are you doing?) I asked, “what’s going on in your diet for protein?” They replied,[..]


Supplements | Which Ones Benefit You?

Watch the news any day of the week & you’ll hear at least 1, if not more, stories about which vitamin or supplement scientists have isolated as having potential to reduce the risk of (x) disease. And so folks will often go 1 of 2 routes with vitamins/supplements: they will either have a massive arsenal[..]


Pork Chops, Apples & Kraut

[twitter-follow screen_name=’kgalliett’ link_color=’00ccff’] This recipe was banging around in my head ever since I picked up the bone-in pork chops on sale at Whole Foods Saturday. I wouldn’t say I’m an all-star at pork cooking…except for bacon…which I’ve easily achieved all-star status in that arena. And what do you do when you want to “liven”[..]


Why aren’t you cooking more of your food?

[twitter-follow screen_name=’kgalliett’ link_color=’00ccff’] If you’re a regular reader, you know how I feel about excuses (they’re so blah). Use reasons to explain your behavior, then own that behavior. Don’t push your poor choices off on someone or something else. Going beyond that though, there’s something I think a lot of folks feel when it comes[..]


Is Going “Gluten Free” Enough (Part 2)

[twitter-follow screen_name=’kgalliett’ link_color=’00ccff’] A quick update before we decide today if being gluten-free is ‘enough’! Since last post – I moved! I didn’t kill Drew or anyone else, although they likely wanted to end me at a few points along the way – but I’d say it was a reasonable success! We now live about[..]



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