Silk: ‘Fruit & Protein’…just don’t do it

If every food scientist working for these massive food companies would spend half their time thinking about how we can achieve world peace instead of what frankenfood they should make next – we’d be a peaceable world within the month. Saw this product in Target the other day. It’s a hot mess. Just look at[..]


I Snagged Registered Dietitian Amy Kubal For a Hot Minute…Her Interview

[twitter-follow screen_name=’kgalliett’ link_color=’00ccff’] It started as an innocent tweet to Diane Sanfilippo, a holistic nutritionist, & Amy Kubal, an RD who is pro-paleo, asking how they explain to others why the ‘grains=good’ message is so flawed, because I’d been seemingly striking out in my ability to show people the light out of the grain-centered world[..]


Making Skin Irritations & Disorders Go Away

Bumps on your arms. Or your back. Or your legs. “Chicken skin arms”. This is not acne, nope, you can’t make this skin condition go away with the latest upgrade to  the ProActiv skincare line shilled to you by some of-the-moment celeb. This is  Kerastosis Pilaris & if you’ve got it, you know it. And[..]


Food Relationships | Are You “Emo” About your Food?

[twitter-follow screen_name=’kgalliett’ link_color=’00ccff’] Remember being ga-ga for some boy or girl in your youth who you’d literally go to the ends of the Earth for…in a kind of unhealthy, young & stupid/sweet kind of way? Surely most of us have had that relationship that made us lose our damn minds for the person in those[..]



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